Test genoma: Beauty


The genes of your beauty The genetic essay Beauty by netgenomics analyzes the susceptibility of the skin to factors predisposing to aging, skin imperfections, sunspots, melanomas and provides you with valuable information for a personalized lifestyle in line with your genetic profile and able to preserve your beauty.

Your DNA will give you valuable advice for your beauty Each individual has its own genetic kit that makes it unique and therefore differently predisposed to the factors that impact on the beauty of the skin.

The Beauty by netgenomics test analyzes genes that play an important role in the process of detoxification and repair of DNA, carbohydrate and protein metabolism and inflammatory response, allowing you to know the genetic susceptibility of your skin to factors that can accelerate the process of skin aging, the predisposition to the formation of Skin blemishes anea, sunspots and photo-aging and, last but not least, the predisposition to develop skin tumors such as melanomas.

The answer from the Beauty by netgenomics essay will contain a personalized and unique report able to suggest a diet and lifestyle in line with your genetic profile.