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FAQ & Shipping

How much does an FFP2 mask protect?

For FFP2, the protection in both directions is 94%. Consider that the surgical mask protects you only 20%.

How much can you use an FFP2 mask?

The FFP2 should be used for a maximum of 8 hours and in any case it should be considered disposable as much as surgical masks.

Why are your FFP2 masks so cheap?

Because we are producers and the masks you find in the pharmacy or elsewhere are ours. We have decided to open the sale to private individuals as well because it is not possible for pharmacies or other shops to buy them from us and resell them for 5 times more. Ok to earn with your work, but do not take advantage of people.

Where do you ship and how much does it cost?

We ship throughout Italy including the islands in 4-7 working days. Shipping costs are free for orders greater than or equal to 60 euros, while for orders less than 60 euros the shipping costs are 6 euros.

Where are your FFP2 masks produced?

Our masks are 100% produced in Italy, exactly in Rome, but above all with Italian materials, both to maintain the high quality that distinguishes us all over the world, and to make Italian companies work, thus helping the economic recovery of our Italy.